2020 Global Game Jam Submission

Oh My Cod! is a silly game that a few friends and I threw together in 48 hours for the 2020 annual Global Game Jam. We used the Unity game engine, Maya, and C# programming to develop this project. You play as an aspiring sailor, Justin T. Marlin. A rough storm leaves you shipwrecked on an island commandeered by the notorious "Captain Glocktopus" and his stabby-crabby crew. You must traverse through the island to collect 3 ship parts to repair your ship, and ultimately face-off Captain Glocktopus himself.

You can download Oh My Cod! on itch.io here. 

Oh My Cod! Game Trailer

I was largely responsible for the crab AI behavior trees and animation state machines. Due to our 48-hour time constraint, we decided to keep them fairly simple. The AI is comprised of four basic behavior states: idling, chasing, attacking, and dying. They use the A* pathing algorithm for navigation.

I was also responsible for 3D modeling the island map, set dressing, and the game's UI.